Why We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

Why We Buy And Sell Diabetic Supplies

It is so awesome to be able to buy diabetic test strips that would have expired and been thrown away and get them into the hands of diabetics who need them for an affordable price. Its a true win- win situation for everyone involved.

Diabetic test strips and other diabetic supply prices are through the roof and for diabetics who are un-insured and under insured it can be a real problem to obtain the necessary amount of test strips. Then on the other hand you have people who have a whole stockpile of extra test strips (for many legitimate reasons) and they don’t know what to do with them. That’s where we come in. We find those surplus test strips and other supplies and bring them back to market for much less than retail prices and get them into the hands of diabetics who need them.
If you have extra diabetic test strips that you would like to sell contact us and we will get you paid right away.

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  1. You guys really helped me out. They switched my meter and that left me with a bunch of leftover test strips. I didn’t think I could sell them until I saw your ad on youtube. Thanks again

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