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Does Weed Help Diabetics? – 4 Possible Benefits

Marijuana for diabetics

4 Ways Weed May Help People With Diabetes


1) Mental Well-Being

Everyone knows that when you smoke marijuana its going to change the way you feel. But there is a lot more to it. Different strains and methods of consuming marijuana produce different effects.

As a diabetic that has to take measures to control blood sugar on a daily basis it can be very stressful. Anxiety and depression can become a way of life.

Marijuana use has been shown to reduce anxiety and produce general positive feelings for the user. This can make it less stressful to get through the daily routine of blood glucose monitoring and insulin administration.

2) Can Be A Preventative

New Studies show that cannabis use is associated with lower levels of fasting insulin and HOMA-IR. There is also a clear correlation with marijuana use and smaller waist size. Smaller waist size has been shown to have health benefits across the spectrum, not just for diabetics.

Anecdotal evidence shows that marijuana use along with exercise and a healthy diet could do a lot to prevent the symptoms and progression of diabetes. Especially Type 2 Diabetes.


3) Obesity Prevention

High body mass index (BMI) and big waistline are altogether connected to a higher risk for diabetes. Different studies have been undertaken on the connection between marijuana use and Body Mass Index, with clashing outcomes. A recent report found that marijuana use was not related with changes in BMI, while two expansive national studies discovered lower Body Mass Index and diminished levels of obesity in marijuana users in spite of higher-than-normal consumption of calories. The 2013 investigation found that present marijuana usage was related with a slimmer body type than in non-users of cannabis.

4) Lower Blood Pressure

Marijauna use has been shown over time to reduce blood pressure. This provides a benefit not just to diabetics but to people in general. Hypertension is called the silent killer for a reason and any substance that has been shown to lower blood pressure should be looked at seriously as a treatment.

weed for diabetic well being


Marijuana Is A Natural Medicine

Studies are now showing that marijuana has many medicinal properties. If the benefits outweigh the side effects then it should be given consideration to be used as treatment and medicine.

Just like with any drug or treatment there is a potential for abuse and misuse but that potential seems small compared to the benefits.

People with diabetes should have the option of cannabis treatment along with traditional treatment if it helps them to live a healthy happy life.


Great Diabetic Candy Recipe

The holidays are coming and just because you are a diabetic doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun of candy and baked good. The following is an awesome sugar free fudge recipe courtesy of


FUDGE CANDY (Sugar Free)  


13 oz. can skim evaporated milk
3 tbsp. cocoa
1/4 c. butter
1 tbsp. granulated sugar, replacement
Dash salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 1/2 c. unsweetened cereal crumbs
1/4 c. nuts, very finely chopped
Combine milk and cocoa in saucepan; cook and beat over low heat until cocoa is dissolved. Add butter, sugar replacement, salt and vanilla. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from heat; add cereal crumbs and work in with wooden spoon. Cool 15 minutes.Divide in half; roll each half into a tube, 8 inches long. Toll each tube in finely chopped nuts. Wrap in waxed paper; chill overnight. Cut into 1/4 inch slices.


Makes 64 slices.


Sugar-Free Frosting

Versatile cream cheese frosting flavored with sugar-free instant pudding. It will frost one 9×13 or one 2 layer cake. Use any flavor of pudding mix

Diabetic Sugar-free frosting recipe


Decrease Serving12Increase ServingAdjustOriginal recipe yields 12 servingsIngredient Checklist

  • 1 (1.4 ounce) package sugar-free instant pudding mix
  • 1 ¾ cups milk 
  • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
  • 1 (8 ounce) container lite frozen whipped topping, thawed


Instructions Checklist

  • Step 1– In a medium bowl, combine milk and pudding mix. Mix well and let stand until it gets thick.
  • Step 2– In a large bowl, beat cream cheese until it is smooth. Mix while adding pudding mix. Lastly, mix the whipped topping into it

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving:134.5 calories; protein 2.7g 6% DV; carbohydrates 10.8g 4% DV; fat 9.4g 14% DV; cholesterol 23.4mg 8% DV; sodium 164.2mg 7% DV.

If you have any other great diabetic recipes please leave us a comment and we can add it to this post.

As always if you or anyone you know have extra diabetic supplies that you would like to get paid for follow the link and get started on the selling process. We cover all shipping and pay within 24 hours of receiving the shipment.

Why We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

Why We Buy And Sell Diabetic Supplies

It is so awesome to be able to buy diabetic test strips that would have expired and been thrown away and get them into the hands of diabetics who need them for an affordable price. Its a true win- win situation for everyone involved.

Diabetic test strips and other diabetic supply prices are through the roof and for diabetics who are un-insured and under insured it can be a real problem to obtain the necessary amount of test strips. Then on the other hand you have people who have a whole stockpile of extra test strips (for many legitimate reasons) and they don’t know what to do with them. That’s where we come in. We find those surplus test strips and other supplies and bring them back to market for much less than retail prices and get them into the hands of diabetics who need them.
If you have extra diabetic test strips that you would like to sell contact us and we will get you paid right away.