Sell Dexcom Sensors, Transmitters and Omnipods

We will buy your extra Dexcom sensors, transmitters and Omnipods. 
                                                                               If you are thinking “Where can I sell my extra Dexcom Sensors, transmitters and Omnipods” you came to the right place!

If you are Local to Baltimore and want to sell diabetic test strips, dexcom sensors, transmitters or Omnipods you can bring them into our walk in location for cash.

If you are not local to us you can ship them in and we pay with either paypal or a business check.

Boxes must have at least 6 months until expiration to receive full price.

Strips USA is located in Baltimore at 2926 E. Coldspring Lane. We are a leading buying of surplus medical and diabetic supplies. We buy diabetic test strips, lancets, dexcom sensors,transmitters and omnipods