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  Sell Diabetic Supplies.  Strips USA is a diabetic test strips and supply buyer and reseller located in Maryland.  We buy diabetic test strips and other medical supplies from those who no longer need them, and provide them to diabetics who might have a difficult time getting them due to fixed incomes or lack of insurance.

There are many valid reasons why a diabetic would have a surplus of diabetic test strips. We buy them from people who are not going to or can’t use them and get them to people who are.

sell my Diabetic Supplies

People sell diabetic test strips to us locally. We have an office in Baltimore Md where we accept drop offs  and we also buy  nationally through the mail. We are serious professionals who are in this business long term, and we deal honestly and fairly with our clients. Help us on our mission to bring affordable diabetic test strips to those that need them.

  • We Welcome Your Questions.   You can contact us 7  days a week via phone  @ 828-2-STRIPS , and all messages are returned promptly if we didn’t pick up immediately!
  • Your payment is processed quickly.All payments are made within 24 hours of recieving shipment. Packages received on Saturday will be processed first thing Monday morning.
  • Any information you share with us remains confidential.  We will never share or sell your information.

We look forward to doing business with you!

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