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Sell Nicoderm Step 1 Nicotine Patches (14 Day)

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We buy Nicoderm Step 1 Patches 14 day kit

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Notes About Selling Diabetic Test Strips And Other Supplies

Diabetic test strips must have an expiration date of at least 11 months to receive the top price.

Dexcom Sensors, Omnipods, Transmitters and other supplies must have an expiration of at least 7 months to receive the top price.

Strips USA has a special process to remove pharmacy labels from diabetic test strips that doesn’t damage the box. Please let us take care of the labels. If you want to you can use a marker to black out your information but be careful not to write on the box itself.

Payment Details

Please specify how you would like to be paid for your test strips.  We can pay through PayPal (always the fastest),  or business check.


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