Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Outside Looking In


From people who don’t have much knowledge of what we do we seem to get a bad rap. When some people think about people selling their diabetic test strips for cash they see something nefarious at work. I read many dishonest news stories online written by people who state their assumptions as facts without doing even the littlest of investigating. It does get frustrating sometimes. I see why our president labels the news media dishonest. If these people would try even a little bit to see the reality of what we do they would see that we provide a great service to many diabetics. On one hand we are giving cash to someone for something that they legitimately do not need. On the other hand we are helping to make diabetic testing supplies more affordable for diabetics in need. If you have a problem with what we do, do a little research and you will see that there are many legitimate reasons why someone would have surplus diabetic test strips that are able to be sold. Would you rather them expire and end up in the landfill where they wont do anybody any good? Or would you rather see them be put to good use.

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