Helping People With Diabetes

Helping People With Diabetes

By choosing to sell your extra diabetic test strips to you are not only making some extra cash but you are also helping diabetics get the supplies they need at discounted prices. We thank you for that.

Shipping instructions:

Pack the diabetic test strips in the box that is included in the shipping kit carefully. Please use some kind of packing material or newspaper to pad and protect the boxes of test strips during shipment. Also please don’t attempt to remove the prescription labels. If you would like you can mark out your info with a permanent marker. Please don’t use a pen as it will indent and damage the box. We have a special process for removing labels and we destroy them promptly.

You will be paid with your preferred payment method within 24 hours of us receiving the package.

Thank you for helping us on our mission of getting diabetic supplies that would otherwise go to waste into the hands of people who need them for more affordable prices.

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Thanks for stopping by Strips USA - The nations leading diabetic surplus buyer.

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